Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Cliff CL1384 (S6) 3.5mm Jack Sockets - Rumours vs Facts

Following a really useful blog post by PatchPierre about dealing with poor connections on jack sockets I started to wonder if the jack sockets that I have used on my kits and intend using on my forthcoming CV Tools and Diode modules may have quality issues. I read through a few forums (fora?) and blogs on the subject and it does leave you with the impression that there could still be issues with Cliff sockets unless you get the right ones. So I approached Cliff directly who have clarified the situation as follows:-
  • Synovatron: "I've been using CL1384 jacks for several years now without any issues but am aware that there have been poor contact issues in the past. Your website refers to type C contacts for far-eastern jack plugs and also to be aware of counterfeit types. I read that Doepfer now use CL13841 sockets due to earlier problems (are CL13841 and C contacts the same thing?). Can you please clarify the situation for me?"
  • Cliff: "Thank you for your mail. I can clear any confusion up very clearly by saying that we use the C contacts on all S6 jack sockets. The CL13841 part is no longer sold but CL1384 is now exactly the same as we are using the C contacts as standard."
So in summary you should get no problems with current standard Cliff jacks but older ones can be fixed using PatchPierre's advice.


  1. Dear Synth-Affectionado,

    I stumbled on your site because I'm also building eurorack modules (or at least attempting).

    I finally finished my Jurgen Haible (RIP) Triple living vco's.

    I wrote to cliff to order some jacks but they only sell em per 1000 :-/

    So my question basically is where did you order those jacks :-) I'm on the lookout for them as well.

    you can reach me at ben at zentrix dot be

    cheers mate !

  2. Hi Benjamin,

    I order directly from Cliff by the thousand but don't have stock at the moment ironically due to a quality problem which has led me to reject the whole batch of 1000. Try Rapid online


  3. I thank you, good to know you also had to order em by the 1000 ;-) . A bit worried about quality though, a shame really. Normally they deliver outstanding stuff.

  4. Thanks for the clarification.