Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Analogue Systems to Doepfer Reverse Adaptor

Here is the prototype of the Analogue Systems to Doepfer Adaptor variant that I promised a few days back (The production version is now available. Edit Jan 2012) The adaptor uses a 16 way DIL turned-pin IC socket on one side and a PCB mount header socket on the other side; the version shown below is just a prototype using a cut-down header socket, it's a bit rough but demonstrates the principle - which is it allows you to use an Analogue Systems module with its cable in a Doepfer rack.

AS ribbon cable connector - note the red stripe at pin 1 (top) end
Here you can see the pin 1 and TOP markings

Doepfer bus board connector

Adaptor fitted to my AS RS-35 Module - note the red stripe at the top

The order code for the socket-to-socket version (above) is ASM2DB Adaptor (or Analogue Systems Module to Doepfer Bus Adaptor). The code for the plug-to-plug version is DM2ASB Adaptor (or Doepfer Module to Analogue Systems Bus Adaptor). The product page has been updated showing the production versions available for sale. 

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