Tuesday, 26 October 2010

New Eurorack modular synth prototyping kits preview

Hello fellow synth fans,

In the next few weeks I will be producing a range of Eurorack standard modular synth prototyping kits for synth constructors and enthusiasts; these kits will comprise Doepfer compatible printed circuit boards (PCBs) and components. 

These  will enable you to make neat prototype or one-off projects that accomodate bracketed pots, PCB mounted jacks, switches and LEDS so that they can be easily mounted to a module front panel.

The idea is that you build your designs on the breadboards supplied and get the front panel manufactured separately, either by yourself, or by a company such as Schaeffer http://www.schaeffer-ag.de/en (I can provide some template files that you can use directly or can modify as you require. I will also look at providing some standard panels e.g. five pots and five jacks but this is still being costed; more on this in the coming weeks).

I will also be able to provide you with a relatively low cost high quality front panel overlay to give your module a professional appearance; this service will also be explained in more depth in the coming weeks.
This is an overlay I made for a product in development
(this is the next product - a versatile voltage processor)

There will be 3 kits available:

Kit 1: This comprises 2 single-sided prototyping matrix-type breadboards and cable as follows:-
  • DIY1. This PCB is primarily for mounting control pots and prototyping most of the circuitry on a breadboarding area.  It is provided with 5 control pots and mounting brackets; the pot values supplied are 50k linear (type B) but you can request 10k, 100k linears (type B) or 1M log (type A); 2 100nF decoupling capacitors and a 16-pin header are supplied fitted to the board; the pots and brackets are supplied loose. Not all pots need to be fitted and there is provision for PCB mounting of LEDS. The PCB has +12V, -12V and 0V busses.
  • DIY2. This PCB is primarily for mounting jack sockets but switches (Taiway series 200 sub-min toggle switches) and LEDS can also be fitted.  It has a smaller breadboarding area than DIY 1. It is provided with 5  3.5mm jack sockets but some can be left out to fit switches or LEDs.
  • Doepfer compatible ribbon cable.
  • Data sheet.

Kit 2: This comprises just the DIY 1 breadboard and five pots and brackets.

Kit 3: This comprises just the DIY 2 breadboard and five jack sockets.

A range of components such as pots, brackets, knobs, jacks and cables will also be available.

This is just a preview and I will put up more details, costs and photos in the coming weeks.