Modular Sounds


Here's a bit of my modular madness:-

Modular synths recorded in a single live take, the guitar added after. Equipment used: Roland 100m 112 VCOs, 121 VCF, Doepfer A-121 VCF, A-110 VCO, 2 x A-156 Quantizers, A-174 Joystick, MFB SEQ-02 sequencer - filters controlled by the Joystick.

Just a simple patch and idea and doesn't use a sequencer although it might sound like it, just LFOs, VCOs and VCFs on the Roland 100m and Doepfer modulars in a single take.

Magic Box
Entirely played on Roland 100m VCOs, LFOs and VCFs using a Doepfer Joystick controlling Roland LFO levels with a pair of Doepfer linear VCAs via a Doepfer dual quantizer, tempo set by a LFO, The filters are controlled manually and also by long time constant ADSRs triggered by the quantizer - complicated? Guess that's why I have not been able to reproduce the patch - must take better notes!

Sequential Circus
The key modules used in the Doepfer were MFB SEQ-02, Doepfer A-156 Quantizer and A-140 ADSRs. In the Roland I used the 112 VCOs, 121 VCFs and 130 VCAs. The main parameters changed during the performance were ADSR range switches, Sequencer A, B and A+B switch plus filter cutoffs.

  Sequential Circus by Monakrome

This is what caused all the noise
Top down: Doepfer/MFB/TipTop Modular,
Roland 100m Modular (Classic D-set),
KRK RP5 Monitors,
Zoom R16 Studio, Novation K-Station
and Doepfer R2M Ribbon Controller

Here's a bit of Hyperdust's modular niceness:-

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