Friday, 29 August 2014

New product preview

This is a design that has been hanging around for over a year in a 95% complete state but I have now taken the bold step of finishing it and going into production. It is called the 5ASM2DB and is a 5 socket version of the popular ASM2DB Analogue Systems module to Doepfer bus Adaptor. It is fabricated on a small circuit board and has 3 LEDs that indicate the presence of ±12V and +5V. The 5ASM2DB will be supplied with 4 self-adhesive nylon mounting pillars and a short ribbon cable so it can be placed adjacent to a busboard and linked via the ribbon cable (standard Euro rack 16 pin cable). It is not recommended for use with the Analogue Systems RS-370 as this draws a whoppng 680mA from the 5V rail.

It will be priced at roughly that of 3 ASM2DB Adaptors so the aim is you get 5 for the price of 3; which will be of interest to those of you with many Analogue Systems modules to go in a Eurorack case.

Availability is from mid-September and will also be available as a DIY kit and as a bare PCB for the more adventurous DIYers. Here's an image from the CAD package - it will not be red BTW!

Confused by Cwejman ribbon cables?

I received an order to build some Cwejman standard ribbon cables that were 40cm long. Up until then I had no idea they were different to standard Eurorack cables. So here is what I found out and hopefully this takes the mystery out of it for anyone who is lucky enough to own one of these top modules (and it's also a sales plug - no pun intended).