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Many thanks to Paul at Din Sync for the videos

PatchPierre's blog article on Synovatron "I stumbled upon this interesting site last week; Tone's Analog Synthesizer Projects and Products.....The overall site looks like a good start for everyone who is busy with, or starting on eurorack synthesizer DIY-ing ...."

Matrixsynth's blog feature on Synovatron

e-mail from a reviewer (Chris Dyke) "Nice site, easy to navigate around and nicely broken between text, pictures and links. If you want me to be a bit picky then the Blue text on the dark background looks a bit tacky.  The rest of the site creates a forum type feel which makes you feel part of something new and exciting whilst still keeping a focus on what is actually for sale. I think people who are not as confident with making up their own kit maybe swayed to buying your product because the web site gives you the feeling you could just log in and ask a question (assembly or otherwise) and be pointed in the right direction without looking dim. Yeh, Tony, I think you're onto a winner !!"

e-mail from a customer (AT, Edinburgh) "....I've just had a quick look at it and I'm impressed with the quality of the PCBs...."

e-mail from a customer (MD, Birmingham) "Both the panel and the PCBs look really neat, I particularly like the matte finish on the panel..."

Muff's forum comments on DIY Prototype kits

"Nice idea"
"Count me in"
"Nice idea Tony, I'll be keeping an eye on your Blog - Good luck!"
"that seems awesome.....
"+1 on awesomeness! Someone really needed to do something like this and I'm glad you did!"
"an idiots guide to turning synth schematics into working modules would be great....."
"Sounds great! I'm really interested in more DIY options for eurorack."
"I really dig the perfboard pcbs designs you have there with the correct spacing etc to mount pots, switches, jacks etc. I'll take 10 of each please!!!!! & thats just for this month...."
"great idea....."
"Watching this with great interest!"
"Count on me, I've great interest in this."
"Circuit boards on the blog look good!"
"Bought one of these kits from Tony on ebay, shipped really quick and looks great..."
"I wish this was available years ago. Tony this is really cool." 

eBay feedback

15 Nov 2010: "Nice kit. Arrived very quickly. Highly recommended" (Kit 1)
27 Nov 2010: "Great seller, great item, ...... looks ace" (Kit 1)
28 Dec 2010: "Excellent kit, ...... Highly recommended" (Kit 3)
28 Dec 2010: "Smooth deal, superbly packed and fast delivery ***RECOMMENDED***" (Kit 1)
04 Jan 2011: "As advertised, responded quickly to questions, fast dispatch" (Kits 1 and 3)
14 Feb 2011: "fantastic all around - very helpful, great product, quick delivery" (Ribbon Cable)
21 Feb 2011: "Good ebayer, good product. Recommended. A+++++++" (Kit 1) 

Feedback, queries and answers on AS to Doepfer Adaptors

"This may solve my problem - would this adaptor allow me to install a livewire AFG into my old-style Asys rack?" - Response: Yes but Asys racks don't support the gate/CV buses. 
"Great invention! Will make life much easier."
"Excellent! Will it be available so that we (Doepfer) can refer interested customers to your website?" - Response: Yes this will be a stock item. 
"Excellent idea BTW."
"Many thanks for the adaptors - saved me a few quid not having to buy another case..."

Feedback on CV Tools Modules and Kits

e-mail from a kit builder (SR, a VICMOD member) "An excellent simple tool. Great for cascading polyrhythms. 

Really easy to use and very surprising differences depending on where you tap the signal."  



    1. Hi Tony

      I am interested in the Euro Buchla with cv and pulse.

      1. Thanks Ross, nice to hear from you again, I hope all is well. Please see my longer reply below.


    2. I'm also interested in the Euro Buchla jumbler-- but I need one for an older Buchla format 0-10v, 2v/per octave. Perhaps these could be designed with a range switch? There are at least 3 Buchla CV standards that I know of. The current standard, then going back there was 2v/oct scale for 259s, and a third scale for 258s and earlier VCOs. It wouldn't surprise me if 100 series 158s used a 4th scale. Marc Verbos would certainly know and may be the best person to ask if you're interested in incorporating these other scales. They're all exponential.

      1. Hi and thanks, please see my longer reply below.


    3. Hi and thanks for the feedback Ross and Get Loose.

      I am mulling over some designs at the moment which I'm sure will be of interest to you both. I will put some front panel designs up on the main blog very soon to gauge feedback. I'm thinking of four 4HP modules: a dual Euro to Buchla CV module, a dual Buchla to CV Euro module, a Euro to Buchla Gate>pulse module and a Buchla to Euro pulse>gate module (both possibly with gate and trigger jacks. I'm also contemplating an 8HP module that has a single channel of each of the above. It's early days and I need to consider the viability but I am very interested in exploring these modules.

      For you Get Loose I think all that is required is one or two of the above modules could be supplied to order with a set of different resistor values to support whichever scaling is required. I designed a circuit today which had 1V/V and 1.2V/V scaling using jumper selection of gain and offset resistors; a 2V/V scaling is as simple. Watch this space.

      Kind regards

    4. Hi Tony,

      Saw on Muffwiggler that you have some 3M x 8 screws in stock? Could I buy 7 packs? (I take it there's 4 in a pack?)


      1. Hi Naim,

        Sorry for not responding sooner but I forgot to check for comments on the blog. The M3 screws are sold as a screw/washer set (1 of each) for 0.15 GBP so for 28 it is 4.20 GBP, if you want a hex key they are 0.75 GBP. Shipping is extra. Let me know where you are and I'll give you an all in price. If you contact me on then I will not miss it :)


    5. Now worries Tony, I've sent you an email just now:)

    6. Hi Tony!
      Any chance you could make a cvgt that fits in the bottom strip of this?

      1. Hi Miguel,

        Apologies for the slow response, again I hadn't noticed I had some comments on the blog. The answer is yes, it is possible. I have experimented with 1U tiles using my cvgtElements boards which fit nicely in the limited space - the CVGT1 and cvgtMM circuit boards are too big but the cvgtElements approach allows you to customise which functions and how many functions you can have. Which cvgt functions do you need? If it's more convenient for you please feel free to email me at