Saturday, 13 October 2012

Euro and Buchla working together

Here's a short video by Eldancer showing the buchla and Euro systems workng together. Both the CVGT1 and a custom euro Buchla interface module I made a while back are in use here (top right hand corner). They don't get the limelight, they just allow the conversation to occur, working quitely in the background :)

mutipatch 1 from Eldancer on Vimeo.

A quick update on CVGT1 Modules

About half of my pre-order list for CVGT1 modules have been delivered and the rest will go out within the next month. Within a couple of months they will appear with distributers but I am having to look at relaying the boards for surface mount to keep assembly costs down - I don't want the price to go up and I cannot keep building them myself - after building 60 CV Tools and 20 CVGT1 modules (220 circuit boards in all) I am all soldered out. CV Tools will also get relaid for surface mount but I will still keep a through hole stock (currently sold out) for DIY kits.  Watch out for my next update in a month.