Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Announcing Synovatron's second module CVGT1

Sneak preview

The new module is a Eurorack format Eurorack/Buchla translator called CVGT1. It allows Eurorack and Buchla synths to interact with each other, as the name suggest it provides a CV and a Gate/Trigger interface. Not only does it provide the correct format connectors (and adheres to the Buchla color code) but it also deals with the CV scaling and offsetting and the gate/trigger and timing pulse conversion required to allow control in both directions.

The module is in final stages of build and will need to undergo design proving tests before I release it into the world. So far the front panels are complete and all the components are in stock except for the slightly important PCBs which are due in tomorrow (18th July 2012). The intended launch date is Saturday 21st July at the Brighton Modular Meet at the University of Sussex just outside Brighton UK. 

Here are some quick photos of the panels and partial assembly.  I will follow up in a few days with better photos of the fully assembled module, further details and User Manual download link.