Saturday, 11 January 2014

cvgt MM Buchla Translator ModuleModules are now shipping

The first cvgt MM modules have started shipping to clients at the top of the pre-order list. If you want to be added to the list then please make contact on

I will build in small batches and work through the list in chronological order and will then contact you when your order is ready to ship. Only at that point will I request payment (see prices below). Please note that this does not form any contract between us and you are not in any way commiting yourself to making a purchase until such a time that you make a payment.
Initially the cvgt MM will be only available directly from me but if there is enough demand then it is possible they will become available at all the usual distributors in due course. 

The current variants are:-
  • Buchla-Euro (round or hex nuts on 3.5mm jacks; please select)
  • Buchla-Serge*
  • Buchla-BugBrand*
  • Buchla-Fenix*
*These are banana socketed variants and only the colour of the banana sockets is different (to match the target system); All are variants (inc. Euro) are to translate from Buchla to 1V/octave systems.

The User Manual is being worked on and will be ready very soon and will posted here in an update. Please checkout the Eardrill website for more info on the ModuleModule concept and other great products from Chris Muir.

The price for the cvgt MM is as follows:-
UK is 180.00GBP plus 9.00GBP delivery (prices include VAT at 20%)
EU is 180.00GBP plus 15.00GBP delivery (prices include VAT at 20%)
ROW 150.00GBP plus 13.00GBP delivery (import duties and taxes may apply).

Either one or two modules can be sent within the quoted delivery price for the UK but add 2GBP per exra module for the EU & ROW. 

It is estimated that it will take up to 2 weeks from registering on the pre-order list before your module is ready to ship and the shipping time from the point of payment could be 2 working days ( UK ) or 5 working days (EU/ROW).
Payment is by PayPal to
Bank transfer is available on request.

Euro variant
Serge variant
Euro (top), Serge (bottom)