Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Some Preliminary Work on a ModuleModule Design

ModuleModule CV and gate/trigger translator

This is just a quick post to show what I have been doing with regard to the ModuleModule design I mentioned in my last blog post. More info will unfold over the next weeks but this is just to let several Muffwigglers know that I am progressing their ideas (albeit a bit slowly). These are just a first draft and the design will change. The idea is that there will be a common design that supports either Buchla/Euro or Buchla/Serge; the only difference being the connectors used. It's difficult fitting all I want in the smaller ModuleModule format - perhaps the trim pots will come out and I'll add scale switches as per the CVGT1 - your feedback would be valuable!

CV2 - a sister module for the CVGT1

This is another idea I've been mulling over which will complement the CVGT1 and is intended for non-pitch critical CVs and for audio level translation. Again it's just a preliminary idea and feedback is welcomed.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June update

Delivery status
I am very happy to say there is a batch of CV Tools and CVGT1 modules heading stateside towards Analogue Haven; estimated to arrive on Monday June 17th.

Having succumbed to requests I am looking at producing the CVGT1, or a version of it, in ModuleModule format. I'm just formulating ideas at the moment but I'm thinking two variants - one for Buchla<>Euro and one for Buchla<>Serge. I think this makes more sense than having connectors for all formats on a very tiny but expensive piece of real estate; I'm happy to take onboard any comments here.