Tuesday, 24 May 2011

First review comments and user's video for the CV Tools Module

Over half of the first batch of CV Tools have been sold, many in kit form. Here is some feedback from a few kit builders and module users:-

"Finished the CV Tools module. It works as advertised ;) No warts!
I must compliment you on your kit. The packing and organisation of components are as good as I've ever seen. Documentation is on the money for newbies ... All in all, I'm extremely satisfied ..." Steven H (VICMOD)

"An excellent simple tool. Great for cascading polyrhythms. Really easy to use and very surprising differences depending on where you tap the signal." Stephen R (VICMOD)

"...I was really impressed with the documentation and the way everything (in the kit) was bagged/labelled...CV Tools seems like a real Swiss Army Knife. I can already think of countless ways I'll be using it with my Oberheim SEM ... and humble modular." Alex M

"Tinkerbell lives!  Tonight I patched a triangle wave LFO into channel 3 of CV Tools and took the slew output into a quantizer (A156) set up to run minor arpeggios.  I can control the range of the arpeggiaic ascend/descend and even build in rhythm just using pots 3 & 4 - then out to two VCO's tuned apart. Out through a digital delay and reverb in ProTools and  . . . instant magic - fairy dust!  What fun . . " George B

Also check out this thread on Muff's entitled Some thoughts on the Synovatron CV Tools

Just to keep things balanced some people have expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the front panel, some about the font and some about the fact that the graphics is on a matt laminated laser printed vinyl overlay. The beauty of the overlay is that multiple colours, shades and fading effects can be easily implemented, the down-side (for me) is they are expensive and difficult to fit accurately. 

The solution is that the second batch of CV Tools will have a standard screen printed front panel (something like TipTop Audio quality). I will be offering either a very low cost swappout or a low-cost retro-purchase to existing users who would prefer a more conventional graphic - I prefer happy customers over a few extra £. Hopefully you'll come back for more!

Here is the current overlay panel next to the artwork that will be taken to the screen printers (where there is grey it will be the brushed anodised aluminium showing through so it will look a bit better). Any comments, likes and dislikes gratefully received - I will give the artwork to the screen printer in just over a week's time.