Thursday, 21 June 2012

1200HP Monster Synth

I met with Gregg Wilson at the last Brighton Modular Meet. We had talked about the possibilities of this project prior to the meet as he had bought a CV Tools from me. Anyway I ended up building the power supply and Trunk-line modules for his brainchild 1200HP wall mounted synth over the ensuing months so thanks Gregg for placing your trust in me. It is not only amazing as an instrument but also also as a visual feast - a fine piece of active wall art - well conceived and nicely built. The surrounding backlighting sets it off a treat.

The fantastic Wenge wood case was made and installed by Ross Lamond of Lamond Design; This guy rocks!.

Here are a couple of videos of what any synth does best - being used! Enjoy.

Modular Synth Live Performance 1 from Gregg Wilson on Vimeo.

Modular Synth Live Performance 2 from Gregg Wilson on Vimeo.