Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Another custom built Euro to Buchla Translator module

I was recently commissioned by a client to build a custom Euro Buchla interface module, similar to the two I previously built, but with offset switching. The previous two designs both had fixed offset and gain and were intended for use with envelopes, LFOs etc. In other words there was no 1V/octave to 1.2V/octave scaling required just offsetting to ensure the Euro signals stayed in the 0-10V range of the Buchla (you can refer back to my earlier post here).

This module is intended to be used alongside my client's CVGT1 module (which provides the ground reference connection) and adds more CV channels. My client uses Expert Sleepers' SilentWay software for pitch sensitive CV and was not interested in scale conversion as the software does the necessary recalibration however he also wanted the flexibility to be able to interface envelopes, transients and LFOs and so wanted to be able to DC shift signals when he needed to.

The spec was 4 channels of Euro to Buchla (scale of 1, 0V or +5V offset) and 1 channel of Buchla to Euro (scale of 1, 0V or -5V offset); so 10 connectors a 5 switches in 8HP.  

My 8HP prototyping panels proved to be difficult as the existing hole positions meant that the connectors and switches would have been too close to each other plus I only had a few left and found they were scratched; they got binned. I used Schaeffer for a quick-turnaround panel; not cheap but very well made. In a moment of madness I got 5 panels made, including engraving (which the original 2 modules didn't have).

Is anyone interested in a kit (complete but advanced level; a lot of work to do and needs good hand/tool prototyping skills, the ability to read schematics and suggested layout diagrams)?  I can make the full custom module if you prefer too. Prices around 80GBP for the kit and 140GBP for the built module - exclusive of VAT (UK and EU) and shipping.