Saturday, 13 June 2015

New Euro to Buchla CV Translator - CV1.2

The CV1.2, one of the cvgtElements range of DIY circuits, is available and its data pack is ready to view/download on the support page. CV1.2 is ready built and tested, you have to DIY them into your own modules/panels.

CV1.2 takes a Euro 1V/octave CV and translates it into a Buchla 1.2V/octave CV - ideal if you want to take a Euro pitch CV into the Music Easel's pitch KEYBOARD CONNECTION

The GTPulse datapack is also available to view/download on the support page. All modules are actually available - it's just the support info that's lagging behind but should be done very soon.

Pricing for the cvgtElements range is as follows:-

The pulsers (GTPulse, PulseGT) are 21.60GBP each, the scalers (CV1.2, CV.83) are 24.00GBP each and the chicBus is 9.60GBP. Prices include VAT but if you are outside the UK or EU then the VAT free prices are 18GBP, 20GBP and 8GBP respectively. Shipping is extra. 

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