Sunday, 2 December 2012

Synovatron Modules in build

I have been so busy that I have not updated the blog and pages in a while so apologies for seaming inactive. It is just the opposite; I have been maxed out in delivering my pre-order list for CVGT1 modules which is just about done whilst at the same time doing some evolutionary changes to module designs and preparing to meet orders from distributors.

So here's a quick update on Synovatron modules:-


To help reduce the manufacturing cost of the PCBs I completely relaid out both circuit boards for surface mount components. The bare boards arrived on November 21st and looked ok so went off to assembly - I'm expecting those sometime this week (December 3rd to 7th).  I will assemble the few through-hole components on those (connectors, trimmers, LEDS) and assemble into modules and test - if all goes well then those will be ready for shipping just after Christmas.

CV Tools

These are still through-hole (not surface mount) technology as they are also available in kit form. However I have relaid out both input and output boards to make assembly a tad easier and to improve access to the jumpers.  The bare boards are due in on December 7th and am preparing component kits for them in advance to ship out as DIY kits.  I will also be assembling just over half of the batch into modules. The kits will be ready to ship in just over a week from now and the modules just after Christmas.


Analogue Haven (USA), Post Modular (UK), Escape From Noise (Sweden) and Rhythm Active (Australia) have shipments pending for CV Tools and CVGT1 modules; Thonk (UK) will be stocking CV Tools Kits, ASM2DB/DM2ASB Adaptors and Euro Protyping Kits/PCBs.  Whilst I will do my utmost to get the module orders out to them ASAP the reality is that Christmas is smack bang in the middle of a realistic estimate for completion hence shipping just after Christmas is the probability making them available early January; the kits are easier to produce and should be available at Thonk sooner. 

Escape From Noise and Thonk are new distributors for Synovatron products so that is an exciting prospect for me and I really welcome their involvement. I will post again before Christmas with the latest on deliveries.