Friday, 5 November 2010

Update on New Eurorack modular synth prototyping kits - Circuit boards have arrived

The new DIY prototyping circuit boards have arrived. They look good and the quality is very good.

The pots, pot brackets, headers, caps and jacks all fit which which is a huge relief.  To give you an idea of what they'll look like assembled checkout the preliminary piccies below of both types of board with some components assembled ready for prototyping to start. Note I have added some LEDS to one of the DIY2 boards too.

Time now to sort out the packaging, data pack, options and pricing - about another week before they become available.


  1. they look great, can you tell me where you get the pots and brackets please.

  2. Thanks, the pots are from Mouser and the brackets are from the Omeg factory; because Omeg have a minimum order value I ordered 'thousands', I also bought pots in 250+ quantities too to get the unit price low; Mouser have a highish delivery charge if you spend less than 50GBP too. I can provide either at competitive rates but both will be provided in the DIY kits. Let me know what you need but give me a few days to work out costings etc.

    Thanks for your interest

  3. thanks Tony, the brackets are the main thing, i guess at a minimum i'd need at least 100 pieces perhaps more depending on the cost. Pots for starters i'd need at least 100 pieces of 50k linear. Drop me an email if you get a chance on



  4. on second thoughts I probably just need brackets, looking at mouser I can get free shipping on my order since it'll be well above the threshold, so just let me know on the email the prices on brackets you can do.