Saturday, 13 September 2014

5 into 1 Analogue Systems to Doepfer Bus Adaptor/Expander

The new 5ASM2DB Analogue Systems Module to Doepfer A-100 Bus Adaptor/Expander is now in stock and available to order. 

SchneidersLaden have stock of 5ASM2DB which can be ordered from their website at

For DIY enthusiasts it is also available as a kit or as a bare PCB direct from Synovatron (please email 

The 5ASM2DB offers five Analogue Systems sockets on one small circuit board with low-current LED indicators to show that ±12V and +5V power is available. It comes with a ribbon cable to connect to the A-100 bus and four self-adhesive nylon PCB mounting pillars (you can of course use screwed in pillars so a drilling template will be provided).

If you have several Analogue Systems modules in a Euro rack then the 5ASM2DB could be a better alternative to using several ASM2DB Adaptors because it expands the bus and frees up A-100 Bus connectors for Euro modules; it costs roughly the same as three ASM2DB Adaptors. ASM2DB and DM2ASB Adaptors are still available.

5ASM2DB Adaptor/Expander
What you get with the 5ASM2DB Adaptor/Expander
What you get if you order the 5ASM2DB DIY Kit

Price info and ordering (2018 prices)

For sales, support and combined shipping enquiries please contact 

The base price is without delivery and VAT.
The UK and EU prices include delivery and VAT @ 20%
The ROW price only includes delivery; VAT is not applicable. 
Model                                        Base            UK              EU                ROW
5ASM2DB Adaptor/Expander    25.00 GBP   33.00 GBP   34.80 GBP   29.50 GBP
5ASM2DB DIY Kit                      16.50 GBP   22.80 GBP   24.60 GBP   21.00 GBP
5ASM2DB Bare PCB                     6.50 GBP   10.80 GBP   12.60 GBP   11.00 GBP
UK delivery by Royal Mail First Class; elsewhere by Royal Mail International Standard.

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