DIY PCBs and kits

Page updated 3rd July 2017

The DIY1 and DIY2 Protyping Kits are no longer available but there are plenty of DIY prototyping options described below to enable you to develop Eurorack prototypes. Also available from July 2018 is a range of three Eurorack utility modules which can be purchased fully built and tested or as full DIY kits.

DIY products on this page:
  • Prototyping PCBs (Proto series and DIY series)
  • 4HPJ and 4HPP front panels
  • StemCell Module (structured project kit)
  • Jacks DIY kit (3.5mm to 1/4" jack format jumbler)
  • Euro Bananas DIY kit (3.5mm jack to banana socket format jumbler)
  • Trunks & Mults DIY kit (how to declutter large synth spaghetti)
  • cvgtElements Euro/Buchla kit (Eurorack to Buchla modular PCB modules)
 General ordering information
  • Please refer to the 'all-in' prices shown below and elsewhere on this blogsite; the prices include postage, packing and VAT (if applicable) for UK, EU and the rest of the world (ROW) deliveries. To place an order please make the appropriate PayPal payment to If you prefer to have a PayPal invoice to make a payment then please request one via email 
  • Alternaively to request to make payment via bank tranfer then please email for details 
  • Multiple items can be combined in one order but please email for a quote as there may be some savings to be had on delivery charges
Prototyping PCBs

The Synovatron range of Eurorack compatible prototyping PCBs includes the Proto series and the DIY series.

The newer Proto series of PCBs includes ProtoPotz, ProtoJax and ProtoXp.

The older DIY series of PCBs includes DIY2 and DIY3.

Follow this link to the Eurororack DIY Prototyping Cards Retink post for full details of both series of PCBs.

4HPJ and 4HPP Front Panels

These panels have a limited stock status and will not be reordered once they've gone but for now they are available and are ideal for DIY2, DIY3 and ProtoJax PCBs.

Both panel types are 4HP (20mm) wide, 1.9mm thick, anodised brushed aluminium and have 5 holes for front panel components such as jacks, LEDs, switches and also 9mm pots (but those are not supported on the PCBs without a bit of 'fettling'). 

4HPP holes are 3mm diameter and 4HPJ holes are 8.2mm diameter. The 3mm holes are fine for small LEDs or can be drilled out to suit other components. The 8.2mm holes are perfect for the Cliff CL1384 3.5mm jack sockets used on the prototyping PCBs.

Left: 4HPJ 5 x 8.2mm hole panel; Right: 4HPP 5 x 3mm hole panel

4HPP and 4HPJ are the same price. The 'all-in' delivered prices are:

UK including VAT @ 20%
4HPJ or 4HPP panel £10.50 GBP
EU including VAT @ 20%
4HPJ or 4HPP panel £12.60 GBP
ROW (no VAT applied)
4HPJ or 4HPP panel £11.20 GBP
UK delivery by Royal Mail First Class; elsewhere by Royal Mail International Standard Airmail

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