Euro/Buchla Solutions by Synovatron

  • CVGT1 - cv-gate-trigger-pulse translator - 8HP euro module
  • cvgtMM - cv-gate-trigger-pulse translator - 1U ModuleModule format module
  • Euro Bananas - passive format jumbler (3.5mm-bananas) - 6HP euro module
  • Custom - euro-Buchla translators in euro, 4U Buchla, 1U ModuleModule formats


CVGT1 is an 8HP eurorack module designed to interface euro signal levels and formats to Buchla (Easel, 100, 200e) and other banana based synths like Serge or BugBrand. It handles CV voltage scaling and offsetting and gate/trigger/pulse conversion.


cvgtMM is an Eardrill 1U ModuleModule format Buchla-Euro or Buchla-Serge translator module that is similar in functionality to the CVGT1.
Buchla/Euro (top) and Buchla/Serge (bottom) cvgtMMs

Euro Bananas is a 6HP eurorack module designed to interface euro 3.5mm mini-jack connectors to banana based synths like Buchla, Serge or BugBrand. This type of module is sometimes referred to as a format 'jumbler' it is a passive adaptor which is fine when no CV or pulse conversion is required e.g. euro ADSR envelope to Buchla low-pass gate.
Note 'Format Jumbler' was actually the name of a MakeNoise product which this isn't, it's just similar in function.

Euro Bananas is a new product that is available either as a ready built module or as a DIY kit. You can read more about it here.  


Custom Euro Buchla Translator modules area available generally when I have some free time as they take a while to build. I have built seven to date in two variants and am in negotiations to build another four with another four as kits in two new variants. 

Note the nice Schaeffer panel.

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