Monday, 29 November 2010

Progress Update

Well, over the past few weeks Synovatron Electronic Music has been registered (the tax office now knows about me), the first batch of DIY kits are half sold and I have customers in UK, Sweden, France and Turkey. 

I have had a really nice write-up from a great synth enthusiast Pierre SernĂ©.  Thanks for that Pierre! Please visit his blog.

I have added some new pages to the blog - Feedback, Modular Sounds and CV Tools Project. Feedback is a place to make any comments or suggestions (and a bit of shameless self-promotion). Modular Sounds is about the 'music', or you may prefer sounds, that I have made with my modulars. CV Tools Project is a blog-style, step-by-step, account of the design lifecycle of my CV Tools module which aims to be both educational and a subliminal sales ploy (_8-(|) doh!

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