Tuesday, 7 December 2010

CV Tools Module prototype is fully working

The CV Tools Module has been prototyped and with a few minor tweaks is working very well.  

It's actually surprised me how much fun it is to use and how useful it is for getting those all important modulation adjustments right.  

It's very versatile in single, dual, triple and quad channel modes, adding, inverting, scaling and offsetting (or combinations of all). It works well enough as an audio mixer too.  The slew control is great for adding just that little bit of portamento to really slugging step changes. 

Here's a couple of photo's of it at work in my synth alongside Doepfer, MFB and TipTop modules.

Still considering a few changes such as polarity indication LEDs.  Any thoughts on features you might like to see? Oh and did I mention that there is a rear port so that one or two of these can be coupled up to a gate sequencer (next project) to give step sequencing similar to the function of the bottom half of the Doepfer sequencer (DC, modulation or audio sequences)?

The prototype used my Kit 1 and Kit 3 DIY boards too - here's a (slightly unfocused) photo:

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