Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Moog Voyager XV-351 Output Adaptor

If you have a Moog Voyager (the backlit version, not the Old School or RME versions) and you want to connect a VX-351 Output Expander you need to have an Output Adaptor fitted to the output ribbon cable connection on the Voyager's analogue board. The trouble is that Moog no longer provide these and if you have bought a VX-351 for your Voyager and the VX-351 seems to be misbehaving (CV instability or noise) then the chances are you don't have an adaptor fitted.

A few years ago I set out to design a eurorack module that did much of what the VX-351 does i.e. output all the Voyager's internal signals (CVs and gates) but to make them a little more eurorack friendly and add a few twists: red and white noise, random gate pulses, more LFO wave shapes and variable slew. The result was the VXP1 (you can read all about the VXP1 here). 

I also could not get VX-351 Output Adaptors to sell as part of the VXP1 package so I designed my own version from scratch to be a 'form-fit-function' replacement. I use it with both my VXP1 and VX-351 and it works a treat!

VXP1 Output Adaptor
I have had several enquiries about selling the Output Adaptor seperately and one client said that I should make this fact known as there are people frustrated by the lack of the original adaptor so I can announce that the VXP1 Ouput Adaptor is available seperately for £25.00 GBP + delivery + VAT (if applicable) from me at synovatron@btinternet.com. Just ping me an email stating your location and I will let you know the total cost including shipping and VAT (if applicable to you), and payment details.

To be clear you do not need this if you want to use a VX-351 (or VXP1 for that matter) with Old School or RME Voyagers.

Check out this useful 3rd party web page which describes how to open the Voyager and fit the Output Adaptor .

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