Friday, 22 April 2011

DIY Adaptor/Multiple Panel for scope and DMM connections

This is an adaptor panel I put together in an hour or two to help with testing and setting up the CV Tools Modules. 

I used one of my 8HP DIY panels and  DIY kit 3 for the 3.5mm jacks. 

It is essentially an adaptor and multiple to allow easy connection to the scope via BNC connectors and to a DMM (digital multimeter) via the 4mm sockets. 

The top 3.5mm jack and BNC socket are connected together, the next jack down and BNC are similarly connected; i.e. a pair of 3.5mm jack to BNC adaptors. The lower pair of 3.5mm jacks. 1/4" jack, BNC and red 4mm socket are all connected together and the black 4mm socket is connected to 0V.

This is really useful for DIY applications too and very easy to make. I think an adaptor or multiple panel would make a great first DIY project.

I can also make these to order if anyone wants one (or something similar) but it is unlikely to become a standard product as all you really need is a pre-drilled front-panel and a few connectors.
Here it is (bottom right) in use in my CV Tools test rig routing the scope, DMM and sig gen to the module under test

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