Friday, 10 May 2013

May update

Module Availability

A shipment of CVGT1 modules and CV Tools modules is in transit to Escape From Noise in Sweden (already in their Coming Soon page).  The shipment for Analogue Haven is still sitting here waiting on the bank transfer hopefully that will be very very soon.


This blog site is woefully out of date and I will endevour to bring it up to scratch soon but will be looking to have a full on grown-up website sometime this year.

Screws and washers

In the mean time I have been asked about rack screws. Yes I do sell them but I have not really advertised the fact.  With all my modules I supply 8mm long M3 cap head socket screws, nylon washers and a 2.5mm hex key. These I sell separately if required. In small quantities the cost is 0.15 GBP for a screw and washer, 0.75 GBP for the hex key. For larger quantities the price will drop. Shipping is extra. If you are interested then please email me at

This is what they look like fitted:-