Saturday, 2 February 2013

Update on CVGT1 and CV Tools availability

I had expected to deliver shipments of CVGT1 and CV Tools modules by early January but unfortunately the manufacturing problems surrounding defective jack sockets and poor quality front panels have not yet been resolved; read on for the details.

The good things: I'm really pleased with the pcb manufacture (by Quick Tech) and surface mount assembly work (by Phase 1 Electronics) on the CVGT1 pcbs - 100% perfect.

I'm really sorry for the delay for anyone wanting CVGT1 or CV Tools modules; I will try as hard as I can to resolve the issues. CVGT1s especially are receiving lots of interest partly down to Buchla's reintroduction of their more accessibly priced Music Easel - now that is seriously retro!

Jack Sockets

The jack socket issue was discovered after I built about ten sets of CVGT1 pcbs. The problem was that it was either impossible or very difficult to plug into a socket; a basic requirement for a socket you'd think! The new whole batch of 1000 sockets that I started using on my production run for Analogue Haven, Escape From Noise, Post Modular and Rhythm Active were defective. I had to remove the sockets that were fitted and have reported the problem back to Cliff Electronics. I had to chase them as they were not forthcoming about my plight but am glad to say that a concerned quality manager phoned me last week about the issue.  Prior to that call I ordered another batch of connectors from them to tide me over which are perfectly good; so far I have not received a refund for the defective items but here's hoping.

Front Panels

The front panel issue was discovered when I unwrapped them and found most of them have scratches. I challenged the fabricating company who said that the scratches were down to either the anodising company or the screen printing company and you guessed it they said it was down to either the other two. So basically no one to point the finger at and no one claimed responsibility. I managed to get the fabricator to strip the panels, refinish them and get them anodised. They arrived last week and I inspected them before taking them to the screen printers but all were poor quality with blemishes, dings, scratches etc. (I'm not expecting to be invoiced and certainly will not pay it if I am!).

So the upshot is that I am unable to complete the module builds and am looking for a new panel supplier; preferably one who does the manufacture, anoding and screen printing, quality control and takes responsibility.